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The little community of Boubers sur Canche is a Village in Bloom nestling on the banks of the River Canche, a peaceful, slow-moving waterway that traverses a green valley. 
Come and discover its peace and charm, hiking through hill and dale. Numerous footpaths allow you to wander around the village and to stop there for refreshment or simply stroll around. 
Discover the nursery « Jean-Pierre Hennebelle », where you will find unusual species of plants. 
The campsite « Le petit saint Jean » awaits you with a warm welcome and many activities, including fresh water fishing (white fish fishing?). 
You can find ideas for presents at an old farm « La Ferme fleurie » and you can stay at an authentic inn - « La Crémaillère » - with incomparable cuisine and clean. 
Finally, some fifteen associations participate in events in the village with the March of the Kings in January, Tea Dances, festival day meals, a children's carnival, an egg race and flea market on Easter Monday, the celebration of July 14th, with a parade by the children followed by fireworks, the festival dedicated to the patron saint of the village – la ducasse, the Christmas market and so on. 
Our British and Dutch friends appreciate the calm and pleasant surroundings as well as the quality of the welcome; many of them have settled in our community. Our village, a "Heritage Village", is also classified with four flowers from the National Competition of Towns and Villages in France. 
We hope to have the pleasure of meeting you soon.                                                       Jean-Marie Tinchon , Mayor of Boubers sur Canche